"I discovered the turmeric through my cousin Aida, who is a yoga and health enthusiast.  After doing my own research about turmeric’s health value, I agreed to try it.  She made me a smoothee from turmeric root which was barely palatable.  In search of a better way, I eventually discovered Turveda’s tea on Amazon.  From my first sip, I was hooked!  The tea is amazingly savory and satisfying with a kick of black pepper.  I recommend it enthusiastically and without reservation."

Bob Augelli, Ph.D.


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Research and Development

We at Turveda are constantly testing and developing new formulas that will benifit the mind and body.

Premium Ingredients

Everything we make is created with simplicity in mind.  We've used the best quality ingredients to produce some of the most premium all natural products on the market.